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Shengpai brand new Pentium series diesel engine oil products are on the market ceremoniously, with you all the way Pentium

shengpai brand new Pentium series diesel engine oil products are on the market ceremoniously, with you all the way Pentium

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-- maxlifetm intelligent oil film technology enables the upgrading of diesel engine oil products, escorting the majority of truck users

April 28, 2021, Zhangjiagang -- today, Shengpai, a global lubricant supplier and automotive maintenance service supplier, held a new 2021 diesel engine oil launch conference in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, and grandly launched a new generation of Pentium TM diesel engine oil series. Shengpai Pentium TM diesel engine oil series covers three series and five products. Equipped with maxlifetm intelligent oil film technology, it can help truck drivers cope with the challenges brought by complex road conditions, temperature changes and engine technology upgrading, and provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the new national six vehicle

"with the development of technology and the innovation of the industry, the engines of new vehicles have put forward new requirements for lubricants, which not only brings specification challenges, but also means more opportunities for oil suppliers and channel partners." Yu Chang, general manager of shengpai China, said at the press conference, "Shengpai believes that innovation is the key to success. The new Pentium TM diesel engine oil series products comply with the latest regulations of the world's mainstream engine manufacturers, and realize the full digital 3 closed-loop control grid certification of force, deformation and displacement, which will provide our customers with a more excellent consumption experience. At the same time, shengpai will continue to create rich localized products for the Chinese lubricant market, work together with our partners, and bring better lubricant products to Chinese consumers."

the promotion of the national six standards not only puts forward higher requirements for energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, but also puts forward higher requirements for the innovation of vehicle powertrain and lubricants. The launch of the new generation Pentium TM diesel engine oil series of shengpai is a new scientific and technological oil solution for the innovative design of more precise, more complex and more efficient vehicles. This series of products are equipped with maxlifetm intelligent oil film technology, which has the characteristics of long oil change and low ash content, and can meet the oil needs of different truck consumers in the new six markets. Among them, Pentium TM long-distance advanced fully synthetic diesel engine oil can be applied to vehicles of national grade VI and below; This product has advanced detergent dispersion system, excellent oxidation resistance and excellent anti-wear protection ability. In addition, Pentium TM high-performance diesel engine oil and Pentium TM advanced/general diesel engine oil series can provide a variety of different performances, capacities and packaging according to the needs of different vehicle owners

maxlifetm intelligent oil film technology has brought strong product performance to the new generation of Pentium TM diesel engine oil, and its nano technology can escort long-distance driving. Maxlifetm intelligent oil film technology is carefully developed by the team of shengpai North American scientists. After more than a decade of accelerating the accumulation of packaging materials, tableware and film materials, it has innovated on the basis of cutting-edge technologies such as nano molecular technology and molybdenum metal compound composition. This technology can provide high-efficiency protection, firmly adsorb on the engine surface, and form a high-efficiency anti-wear barrier of at least 40 nm. At the same time, it can actively strengthen the areas where serious wear and metal debris have occurred, supplement the oil film, and avoid further engine damage

since entering the Chinese market in 2000, shengpai has always paid close attention to market demand and changes, and is committed to delivering durable and strong lubricant products to the Chinese lubricant market. Shengpai provides a full range of products for Chinese customers, including antifreeze, transmission oil, auxiliary oil and other chemicals, and strives to improve the product experience to help Chinese car owners improve vehicle performance. Nowadays, shengpai China has established business contacts with thousands of terminal service providers and retailers in China, and has a network of more than 400 dealers, making every effort to provide users with a full range of services. In addition, shengpai Zhangjiagang China factory has been officially put into operation in December 2020, with a total investment of US $100million, which can achieve an ultra-high production capacity of 108000 tons of lubricating oil and 12000 tons of antifreeze, further strengthening shengpai's localized supply chain and services

since its establishment in 1866, shengpai has been adhering to the principle of "from profession and focus on practice", and is committed to the development of high-quality and high-performance lubricating oil products. In the future, shengpai will continue to fulfill its commitments to partners, customers and consumers in the Chinese market, strengthen the layout and development of localized supply chain stored in the experimental instrument, bring high-quality products, services and oil solutions to more Chinese consumers at a faster speed, and improve the driving experience

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