The brand value of the hottest Yuchai exceeded 30b

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Yuchai's brand value exceeded 30 billion yuan

on June 22, the world brand lab released the 2017 list of China's 500 most valuable brands in Beijing. Yuchai ranked 103rd among China's 500 most valuable brands, and its brand value jumped from 28.195 billion yuan in 2016 to 34.596 billion yuan, breaking 30 billion yuan for the first time

the brand value of Yuchai has exceeded 30billion yuan

since it was selected into the list in 2006, the brand value of Yuchai has continued to rise, leading the industry for 12 consecutive years, and firmly ranking first in the brand value of Guangxi enterprises

in recent years, the downward pressure on the domestic economy has been increasing, and the industry is facing structural adjustment. As a representative enterprise in the domestic internal combustion engine industry, Yuchai takes "reform and innovation, strengthening the foundation, improving quality and efficiency" as its business policy, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the group through "secondary entrepreneurship", builds the core competitiveness of the three industrial sectors and three service platforms, realizes the adverse development of the enterprise, and continuously improves the product competitiveness and brand influence

Yuchai has won national honors such as "user satisfaction product of emerging industry with the fastest growth rate in the city", "Chinese famous brand product", "national user satisfaction Enterprise", "China's top ten integrity enterprises", "National Quality Award", "national civilized unit", "China's well-known trademark" biodegradable "Centennial achievement award of internal combustion engine industry" and so on. These highly valuable corporate brand honors make Yuchai brand famous in the industry

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