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Breakthrough in circular pressing and die cutting technology

at present, packaging and printing technology is changing with each passing day and developing continuously. Although the development of die-cutting technology in post press processing is slow, it is also constantly updated with the continuous improvement of market requirements. With the wide use of gravure printing production lines and flexographic printing production lines in various packaging enterprises, in order to realize the one-time completion of web paper from printing, die cutting to waste discharge, and rewinding, the circular pressing die-cutting technology has also been paid more and more attention. This die-cutting technology equipped with high-precision registration device and die-cutting phase adjustment can obtain higher die-cutting accuracy, which has achieved a technological leap in die-cutting indentation and concave convex embossing

circular die-cutting has distinctive characteristics

because circular die-cutting is line contact, the die-cutting pressure is small, the equipment power is small, the stability is good, and the production efficiency is high. During die cutting, one roller applies pressure. The other roller is a knife mold. Metal drum knife die is processed by chemical corrosion or electronic engraving methods, which is mainly used for die cutting of self-adhesive labels and trademarks. Circular die cutting has the following advantages

(1) high production efficiency. Printing and die cutting are connected, and the maximum speed can reach 350 ~ 400m/mln

(2) good die cutting quality. Circular die cutting is line contact. The working pressure is small, the forming stability of the product is good, and the geometry and size are accurate

(3) high die cutting accuracy. The circular die-cutting machine is equipped with high-precision registration device and die-cutting phase adjustment device, which can obtain quite high die-cutting accuracy. The tension control system of web feeding can improve the positioning accuracy of printing, die cutting and indentation

(4) long service life. The cutting roll of the round die can be polished for 3 times. After each grinding, it can also run 10million revolutions, which is much higher than other die cutting methods

(5) wide application range. Circular die-cutting can form a printing die-cutting production line with offset printing machine, gravure printing machine, flexographic printing machine, etc. and the fastest growing packaging and printing materials are film and metal foil, which also brings new opportunities for circular die-cutting machine

(6) save paper. The wire round pressing die-cutting adopts the web feeding method, and there is no need to leave its mouth and trailing tip position during typesetting, and continuous cross typesetting can be carried out, which can save about 6% of the paper. For cigarette bag printing plants and other enterprises, the cost saved is very considerable

however, there are also disadvantages of high cost of die-cutting tools and long processing cycle of round die-cutting roll. Therefore, the wire round pressing die-cutting is more suitable for the production of large quantities of long version live parts, but not for small batches and short version live parts. Mr. Chang Jiang of boster believes that foreign die-cutting technology is widely used in the field of cigarette packet printing, Because the types of cigarette packs abroad are less than those in China, and the process is simple. While there are many cigarette packs brands in China. The common damage of sheet metal is in the process of transportation and the overall environment of post-processing. In terms of the overall environment, microcomputer control has more advantages. The process is complex, and the die-cutting of round pressing line will be limited, which is also one of the reasons for the slow development of round pressing die-cutting in China

the domestic market prospects are promising

although the domestic production capacity of circular die-cutting technology is not high due to complex tool manufacturing, high import costs and inconvenient maintenance, which affect the advantages of some production lines. However, with the improvement of domestic technology, many domestic die-cutting equipment manufacturers have expanded the production of offline circular die-cutting equipment, This is a means for die-cutting equipment manufacturers to further innovate in view of the domestic characteristics of many post-processing procedures after packaging and printing. Such equipment can be provided at home by Shanghai Bonaire Yahua Beijing Nanfeng Precision Industry Shandong Tancheng new era machinery Shandong Linyi Eiffel machinery and other manufacturers. The domestic production of off-line circular die-cutting equipment is combined with the latest international technology, and the accuracy and speed of the equipment have been further improved. Therefore, many domestic joint ventures and foreign-funded carton packaging enterprises have purchased circular die-cutting machines from domestic machinery manufacturers

in addition, in recent years, China has made rapid progress in the production of 650mm die-cutting tools, which has solved the problem that the original imported 13 tools have to be sent abroad for maintenance. The cycle is long. This kind of tools are produced by enterprises in Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Shanxi and other regions. Mr. Chang Jiang believes that with the integration of the domestic tobacco industry, the centralization of brands, and the integration with the international community, there will be more large quantities of long version live parts, and the round pressing die cutting is more suitable for the molding and processing of such live parts, and the round pressing die cutting will usher in the spring of development

breakthrough in magnetic die-cutting technology

magnetic die-cutting roll and integral die-cutting roll are two forms of circular die-cutting tools. Magnetic die cutting has been widely promoted and applied in foreign countries. It can carry out die cutting at a high speed. The die cutting roller has high machining accuracy, good flatness, convenient disassembly of the die cutting plate, and the advantages of the die cutting plate that can process any pattern are very obvious. Therefore, the further development of magnetic die cutting technology is a major breakthrough for the circular die cutting technology

at present, the application of magnetic die-cutting in wire round pressing die-cutting has made progress in China. Taking the patented technology of twin cut of omite as an example, it uses a set of magnetic die-cutting rollers to process live parts with a repetition of 12 ~ 33 inches. This technology, combined with the increasingly mature magnetic knife roll die-cutting technology, solves the cost bottleneck of the line round pressing die-cutting method. Magnetic knife roller + die-cutting knife plate is a connecting die-cutting method that is very suitable for cigarette bag printing plants. It can achieve the effect similar to the overall round knife

however, some experts believe that magnetic die-cutting is mainly connected with flexographic printing machine, and flexographic printing is used in the printing of high-end products such as cigarette bags. The printing quality cannot compete with offset printing and gravure printing. Durometer is a precision instrument, and the accuracy of magnetic die-cutting process is not high. In addition, when the printing circumference of die-cutting typesetting changes, the magnetic knife roller must be replaced. The investment of magnetic knife roller is relatively expensive, And the delivery cycle is long. It usually takes 2 months. The development is limited

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