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Yanggu Cable Group, with a brand value of 3.226 billion, ranks sixth in the 2019 China brand value electrical industry

on May 9, 2019, the 2019 China brand value evaluation information release activity jointly organized by Xinhua news agency, economic news agency, China Council for the promotion of international trade, China Brand Construction Promotion Association for poor temperature control or oil pressure control, China Asset Appraisal Association and other units was held in Shanghai. Yanggu Cable Group ranks sixth in the electrical industry in the 2019 China brand value evaluation list with a brand strength coefficient of 72.2 and a brand value of 3.226 billion. The Pacific optical fiber and cable company under the group ranks 10th in the electrical industry in the 2019 China brand value evaluation list with a brand strength coefficient of 775 and a brand value of 1.31 billion

Liu Pingping, President of China brand building Promotion Association, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of building a new order of international brand evaluation and promoting the steady development of global brand economy

Yanggu Cable Group attaches great importance to brand building and has been deeply involved in the cable manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. At present, the group has developed from the initial state-owned cable factory into a large enterprise group with a full product chain of photoelectric transmission, mastering intelligent chip technology and moving towards information system integration. In recent years, it has won the recognition and affirmation of customers with excellent performance, and maintained a steady development trend

in terms of technological innovation

Yangru dentures, braces, splints, etc. (below) Gu cable group has always been determined that China's plastic machinery enterprise market will further open up the development strategy of holding scientific and technological innovation to promote the development of quality leading brands, constantly improve its competitiveness, and always walk in the forefront of the development of China's cable manufacturing industry

in terms of product quality

Yanggu Cable Group takes the lead in passing the national 3C quality certification, EU CE product certification, Russian ghost product certification and German T V Rhine product certification in the industry with excellent product quality; At the same time, we have established a modern quality management system, and through strengthening the operation of 3C quality control, set up a chief quality officer, set up a Quality Assurance Center, strengthen the contact with us if there is any problem, and we will give you better technical support, quality inspection analysis and early warning mechanism, so as to realize the comprehensive quality control of products from strategic positioning, market research, production process, after-sales service, and comprehensively improve the basic guarantee of quality; And through the establishment of quality information management and control platform and product after-sales information database, so as to ensure the consistency of product quality and production orders, and establish a good reputation among our customers

in terms of market service,

has won the welcome of customers and the market with perfect after-sales service

in terms of legal rights and interests,

strictly abide by the requirements of national laws and regulations, products comply with the requirements of national industrial technical standards, and actively participate in the preparation and revision of national/industrial standards

in society,

actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, consciously perform social duties, adhere to legal business and pay taxes according to law, and promote local economic construction and social development

the shortlist of Chinese brand value evaluation shows the customers' preference for Yanggu Cable Group brand and the great progress made by Yanggu Cable Group in brand construction. Yanggu Cable Group will continue to adhere to the brand to promote development, give back the support of users with high-quality products, sincerely work together with partners, and the cable manufacturing industry will move forward firmly

background introduction

China brand value evaluation information list. The China brand building Promotion Association, together with the provincial quality and technical supervision departments and industry associations, organizes qualified enterprises to participate in the evaluation. The evaluation calculates the brand value according to international and national standards, mainly from the basic information, financial indicators and comprehensive indicators, and finally obtains the brand strength coefficient and brand value, It is the most authoritative brand value evaluation activity in China

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