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Valmet's new ash analyzer greatly saves the operating cost of the alkali furnace and improves the utilization rate of the equipment

release date: Source: Valmet

recently, Valmet developed an innovative alkali recovery ash analyzer. The equipment aims to reduce the accidental shutdown caused by the corrosion or blockage of the boiler superheater, and provide guidance for soot blowing, which means that users will be able to operate the alkali ash treatment operation of the system in the way of operating modern electronic equipment. The new alkali recovery ash analyzer can measure the composition of ash at the location of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and determine the 37% ash melting temperature of global consumer products that reflect the viscosity and corrosiveness of ash

based on Valmet industrial China, which has always been our strategic location, the interconnected new Valmet ash balance advisor application can be used as an additional function to maximize the advantages of the alkali recovery ash analyzer, optimize the alkali ash treatment, and greatly save the cost of sodium supplementation. The operator can check the ash balance and the operation of the alkali furnace, with the help of real-time dirt and corrosion risk monitoring, in order to achieve the best alkali ash treatment capacity or ash discharge capacity

optimized operation

up to now, alkali ash is generally treated intermittently based on a small amount of laboratory test results. There is no standard basis for when to start treating alkali ash or discharging ash

vimet automatic alkali recovery analyzer and advanced process. Timo laurila, the control business manager of star high tech, which specializes in the production of high-frequency fatigue testing machine, said: "the problem of laboratory testing is that the sampling times are very few, and the results are usually not comprehensive enough to be used for optimal control. Now, with the help of the analyzer, the actual chemical composition of alkali ash can be controlled, and the boiler cleaning and operation costs can be continuously optimized."

technical information of alkali furnace ash analyzer

Valmet alkali furnace ash analyzer can measure a full set of chemical components including ash pH, carbonate (CO3), sulfate (SO4), chlorine (CL), potassium (k) and sodium (NA) concentration at the position of electrostatic precipitator (ESP), and calculate ash melting temperatures T0, T15 and T70. With the help of stainless steel sampler with firm structure, the ash sample of electrostatic precipitator is obtained from the ash chute behind the alkali ash conveyor belt, dissolved in water, and then sent to the analyzer for chemical analysis and melting temperature calculation. Comprehensive diagnosis, together with the existing functions of Valmet industrial interconnection (VII) with safe performance, can ensure reliable results. At the same time, it can directly view the measurement of the analyzer and provide remote services by Valmet

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