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VMware announced to expand its product and service portfolio to help customers modernize their applications and infrastructure

VMware Tanzu product portfolio helps enterprises adopt cloud native technology in any cloud to realize the automation of modern application life cycle

VMware cloud foundation 4 provides a hybrid cloud platform for modern applications, Including native kubernetes support

New VMware vSphere 7 support VMware cloud Foundation Services

Beijing, China. On March 11, 2020, VMware (nyse:vmw), the world's leading enterprise software innovator, announced the launch of a complete set of products and services portfolio to help customers achieve application and infrastructure modernization, and opened a landmark new chapter for the company

application is the core of today's successful digital transformation, which can help enterprises provide customized digital experience to customers and create new sources of revenue. Enterprises are gradually modernizing their applications to compete effectively and fully embrace the potential of the cloud environment. Customers face the challenge of how to give developers better and faster software delivery capabilities while enhancing operations and security. In order to fully benefit from the investment in modern applications, enterprises also need to modernize their infrastructure at the same time

today, VMware launched a new and expanded VMware Tanzu product portfolio for modern applications, as well as VMware cloud foundation 4, an automated turnkey hybrid cloud platform equipped with Tanzu. The platform now supports both traditional applications based on virtual machines and modern applications based on containers, and provides new VMware cloud foundation services using Tanzu kubernetes grid and new VMware vSphere 7, thereby improving developer efficiency. With the most comprehensive software stack for modern applications and across infrastructure to applications, VMware supports and guides customers to develop new modern applications in a unique way, and modernizes existing applications and infrastructure

vmware CEO pat Gelsinger said: today, we launch a complete set of product portfolio for modern applications to help customers accelerate the pace of innovation. VMware provides developers with a freedom to deliver applications to any cloud, and there are no obstacles to adopting kubernetes. It also helps it administrators change their skills as a pillar industry of China's national economy, providing support for a new round of modern applications

vmware Tanzu: application modernization product portfolio

vmware Tanzu is a product and service portfolio that helps enterprises achieve software delivery faster and better. Customers can use this suite to automate the application lifecycle, run kubernetes across the cloud, and unify and optimize multi cloud operations. Today, VMware announced the launch of the first products of VMware Tanzu product portfolio:

VMware Tanzu kubernetes grid: the new available Tanzu kubernetes grid is used as the kubernetes operating environment to help customers install and run a multi cluster kubernetes environment on the selected infrastructure. The service aims to realize the consistent operation of kubernetes across any environment, such as data centers, large-scale public clouds, service providers, edge environments, etc. It includes the industry standard open source technology, supports the kubernetes environment required for cloud neutrality, is an enterprise ready product, and is fully supported by VMware

vmware Tanzu mission control: Tanzu mission control released a technical preview in August 2019. It is a centralized management platform that enables consistent operation and protection of kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and cloud environments. It provides a single control point for operation and maintenance personnel, realizes consistent management across environments, and improves security and governance capabilities. Developers can access resources by themselves in order to get code faster for deployment. The service is now officially available

vmware Tanzu application catalog: the new available Tanzu application catalog provides customized choices of open source software in the bitnami community product catalog, which can be used in production environments after safety, testing and maintenance verification. The suit then starts normal operation We provide developers with the efficiency and flexibility of pre packaged applications and components, and help operation and maintenance personnel meet the strict security and transparency requirements of enterprise it. This service is project galleon, which initially released a technical preview in August 2019

in addition, VMware is further expanding the Tanzu portfolio. After completing the acquisition of pivot in December 2019, VMware quickly took action to integrate pivot's team, technology and products. This includes the brand upgrade to VMware. The original pivot application service (PAS) is now upgraded to Tanzu application service, which is designed to improve the functional speed for developers and deliver a world-class operating environment for the operation team. In addition, wavefront by VMware has been upgraded to Tanzu observability by wavefront, and NSX service mesh has been upgraded to Tanzu service mesh with this product portfolio, which is built on VMware NSX. The new functions of the product portfolio will help enterprises further improve the efficiency of developers, comprehensively observe and monitor applications running in multi cloud environments, including kubernetes based environments, and simplify the way enterprises connect, monitor and protect microservices

vmware cloud foundation 4: hybrid cloud infrastructure for modern applications

VMware cloud foundation 4 with Tanzu was released today, which will provide a consistent management of virtual machine and container based applications for hybrid cloud infrastructure, while providing native security and lifecycle management across software defined computing, storage and network resources. This platform helps to bridge the gap between developers and it, enable developers to quickly build and update applications, and provide controllability and improve security for it operations. VMware cloud foundation 4 equipped with Tanzu is now available across a variety of private clouds and multiple mainstream public cloud environments, including the following components:

New vSphere 7: vSphere adopts a new reconstruction of kubernetes, and has been optimized for container based modern workloads and virtual machine based traditional workloads, which can be run at the same time. Vsph new materials equipped with kubernetes are playing an increasingly important role in the national innovation driven development strategy. Ere 7 will first be available only through VMware cloud foundation 4

new vsan 7: for modern applications, it provides storage virtualization including file services and cloud native storage

new vrealize 8.1: for virtualization, cloud and container based workloads and applications, it provides autonomous operation and maintenance and modern infrastructure automation functions

nsx-t: provides comprehensive stack network connection and security services to connect and protect virtual machines and containers

VMware cloud foundation 4 equipped with Tanzu also introduces VMware cloud foundation services, an integrated kubernetes and restful API window to help enterprises promote API access to all core services. VMware cloud foundation services will include:

Tanzu runtime services: providing core kubernetes development services, including the latest release of Tanzu kubernetes grid

hybrid infrastructure services: supported by the new VMware vSphere 7, this enhanced service will provide full access to the kubernetes API and the infrastructure provided by vrealize automation, that is, the code automation API, so as to span virtual machine based applications and cloud native applications deployed using containers

vmware cloud foundation is now optimized to run all applications. It provides a locally deployed cloud operation model that can be extended to the public cloud in the private cloud, helping developers adopt the latest development methods and container technology to shorten the deployment time. Enterprises will benefit from the simplification of container and virtual machine workload management across heterogeneous clouds, including AWS, azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace, IBM and other VMware cloud verified partners, and gain performance optimization, elasticity and availability

vmware vSphere 7: basic services for modern hybrid cloud

vmware also released the largest evolution of VMware vSphere 7 in the past decade. VMware vSphere 7 released a preview of project Pacific Technology in August 2019, focusing on reconstructing vSphere into an open platform using kubernetes API, providing developers and operation and maintenance personnel with a cloud like experience. As the basic component of VMware Tanzu product portfolio, this new version will use any combination of virtual machine, container and kubernetes to support all applications such as modernization and tradition

vmware vSphere 7 will further help enterprises improve the efficiency of developers and operation and maintenance personnel, help accelerate innovation, and take into account the security, stability, governance and cost reduction of traditional enterprise infrastructure. New functions and features will help enterprises:

improve efficiency: developers will benefit from self-service access to infrastructure and other productivity functions that reduce infrastructure management time. As a part of VMware cloud foundation 4, Tanzu kubernetes grid is embedded in vSphere 7 equipped with kubernetes, thus providing kubernetes clusters as services to developers

realize agile operation: it operation team will benefit from new application centered management, simplified life cycle management function and a unified platform for consistent operation across cloud, data center and edge environment

accelerate innovation: all enterprise applications will benefit from the improvement of vSphere 7 and accelerate innovation. Applications will be able to use GPU elastic resource pool to further accelerate the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) applications through GPU hardware. In addition, customers will be able to use upgraded DRS, enhanced vmotion and extended support for persistent memory (pmem) functions to improve the performance of delay sensitive applications

vmware vSphere 7 will also help enterprises continue to play the role of existing investments in vSphere technologies, tools and skills

time to market

vmware Tanzu application catalog, VMware Tanzu kubernetes grid and VMware Tanzu mission control are now available. VMware cloud foundation 4, VMware vSphere 7, VMware vsan 7, VMware vrealize automation 8.1 and VMware vrealize operations 8.1 (local and SaaS versions) are expected to be available before May 1, 2020 (the end of the first quarter of VMware fiscal 2021)

vmware vSphere 7 will have two configurations: the first is vSphere with kubernetes, which will be available in VMware cloud foundation 4 equipped with Tanzu, supporting container and virtual machine based applications; The other configuration is for virtual machine based applications and is applicable to multiple versions, including VMware vSphere Standard Edition

customer feedback

at Airbus defense and aerospace, the common enthusiasm for progress unites all employees and seeks a better way to connect, protect and support everyone in the world. In this regard, success is based on Intelligent innovation, but at the same time depends on diligence and tenacity. Everything is for the purpose of making our world safer and enjoyed by everyone. In order to support the infrastructure of satellite ground system, Tanzu application catalog provides engineers with a world-class application operation environment platform to accelerate innovation and improve security. Olivier Lagarde, who is responsible for leading the IT technology architecture strategy of the satellite ground system at Airbus defense and space, said: we are happy to work with VMware to build a protected and trusted ecosystem so that our team can focus on further business needs

Jimmy ng, chief information officer of DBS, said: as the world's most outstanding

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