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Vivo welcomes new competitors? Panel manufacturers compete to release the achievements of off screen fingerprint technology

recently, there has been more information about off screen fingerprint. At the beginning of the new year, the competition in the fingerprint recognition market has already begun. Many manufacturers are scrambling to release the results of this technology. The two foreign panel manufacturers that announced the good news this time are Samsung and JDI. This makes vivo, which has attracted much attention before, welcome new competitors

panel manufacturers compete to release off-screen fingerprint achievements

as an international manufacturer, Samsung has always been in the forefront of new technology research and development. Last year, it was rumored that off screen fingerprints would be used on the new aircraft. This year, patents related to off screen fingerprinting technology were finally issued

Samsung's off screen fingerprint adopts the principle of optical fingerprint recognition. The fingerprint recognition sensor sends a beam of light through the screen, which is reflected back by the sensor after encountering the fingerprint of the finger. The sensor sends the data back to the processor for data comparison, and then determines whether it is unlocked

this technology is suitable for AMOLED screens, and Samsung is the largest supplier of AMOLED screens. The perfect combination of technology and resources will greatly promote the popularity of off screen fingerprints

in terms of the two most popular models S9 and galaxynote9 in 2018, S9 is reported to be released on February 25. From this point of view, this model has no chance of the application of off screen fingerprint, and note9 may be released in August or September in the second half of the year. It is reported that according to this release time, Samsung is expected to adopt off screen fingerprint technology in its new note9 this year. Although Samsung lags behind vivo, we also hope to see a more perfect application of off screen fingerprint in the second half of this year

at present, for Samsung's off screen fingerprint, we are not sure whether Samsung will package and sell the off screen fingerprint technology and AMOLED screen to improve its voice in the supply chain. However, if sold as a package, for other manufacturers, it will meet the needs of AMOLED screens and off screen fingerprints at one time. At that time, a large number of models equipped with off screen fingerprints will appear, further promoting the popularity of off screen fingerprints

good things come in pairs. After Samsung released its off screen fingerprint patent, Japanese panel manufacturer JDI also announced the relevant progress of its off screen fingerprint. It is reported that it has developed a new fingerprint identification sensor, which is 8.0m in size and m in hardness of thin sheet material and thin wire material × 8.0mm, transparent design, using pixeleyes technology, capacitive touch sensor can be embedded into LCD panel, so as to achieve the effect of fingerprint under the screen

unlike most off-screen fingerprint recognition that adapts to OLED panels, JDI technology can be embedded into the current mainstream LCD panel, which makes the popularity of off-screen fingerprints smoother

earlier, Duntai also announced at its press conference that its off screen fingerprint technology can support both OLED panels and LCD panels, but did not announce the official commercial time. It is optimistic that it will also achieve results in early 2019. The off screen fingerprint of JDI is expected to be officially put into commercial use within fiscal 2018 (before March 2019)

according to this time node, Samsung's off screen fingerprint may be expected to be commercially available in the second half of this year. Therefore, Samsung is expected to seize the development node of this year's off screen fingerprint

who will be proud of the hype of off screen fingerprints 2018

even though Samsung's off screen fingerprints will be officially commercially available this year, it is still a little late compared with vivo

on January 24, vivo has officially released its new off screen fingerprint machine, vivox20plus on-screen fingerprint version. The appearance and configuration of this model are basically the same as that of vivox20plus, and the biggest difference is the use of off screen fingerprint. According to the official introduction, the principle is that the rgbpixel of the OLED screen emits light, penetrates the 0.68mm thick glass cover to reach the finger, and the reflected light is different due to the different lines of the finger. These reflected light then penetrates the screen and reaches the fingerprint sensor, so as to realize fingerprint recognition

it should be noted that this model also supports fingerprint payment with Alipay screen. It will be on sale on February 1. It is an index line that shows how the measured values of experimental force and displacement are in line with the actual values

when other manufacturers are still in the stage of research and development and testing, vivo has released new off-screen fingerprint machines. In this step, vivo has taken the lead in the market. In addition, when other manufacturers will release new machines that use off-screen fingerprint in the future has not been decided

in addition, for Samsung, which is expected by the public, if Samsung really adopts off screen fingerprints this year, with its OLED screen resources, Samsung will undoubtedly receive a year-on-year increase of 2 modified plastics 9.32 But at the same time, the surplus of surplus enterprises is 4.351 billion yuan, and the orders of many manufacturers. However, according to an insider of Samsung, with the continuous upward disclosure of the prosperity of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, it is unlikely that Samsung will use off screen fingerprints on its new aircraft this year. It can be seen that vivo will still take the lead in 2018, and Xinsi's off screen fingerprint scheme will become increasingly popular

off screen fingerprint technology has become a new hot spot in the industry. At present, there are many manufacturers developing off screen fingerprint. In addition to Samsung, JDI and Xinsi, huiding, FPC, Qualcomm and Duntai all have relevant off screen fingerprint achievements, and more such as siliwei, shendun, beitelai and feiengel are actively developing this technology

in the future, more off screen fingerprint schemes are bound to appear, which will further reduce the cost and accelerate the popularization of off screen fingerprint technology. Next year, off screen fingerprint is expected to truly usher in spring

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