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VMware helps Kunshan Local Taxation to build a private cloud for government affairs

VMware recently announced that Kunshan Local Taxation Bureau has successfully upgraded its informatization by deploying VMware cloud computing solutions. After upgrading, the IT architecture of Kunshan local tax has become more reasonable, realized unified storage, also brought high availability of servers, saved investment, reduced operation and maintenance costs, improved resource utilization efficiency, and migrated the local tax OA system and professional business system to the cloud computing environment

with the help of VMware cloud computing solution, Kunshan Local Taxation successfully built a flexible, efficient, stable and economic Private Cloud Computing Center for government affairs, with an IT infrastructure for the cloud era, which fully meets the requirements of information construction transformation, and significantly improves work efficiency and service quality. Kunshan Local Taxation commented on the value of VMware cloud computing solution for the construction and upgrading of Benxi social security information platform

located in the economically developed area of the Yangtze River Delta, Kunshan is one of the county-level cities with the strongest economic strength in Chinese Mainland, and has been rated as the first of the top 100 counties in China by the National Bureau of statistics for consecutive years. Kunshan local tax is responsible for the collection and management of nearly 100000 taxpayers, including more than 40000 enterprises, when the control system has abnormal conditions, and the local tax revenue in 2011 exceeded 10 billion yuan

tax informatization transformation brings new challenges to the traditional IT infrastructure.

the informatization construction of Kunshan local tax started very early and is in a leading position in the industry. After years of construction, the information platform of Kunshan local tax has begun to take shape, forming a number of business application systems, including collection and management data query system, purchase invoice system, tax source management system, real estate evaluation system, deed tax system and so on. After the research of our Jinan experimental machine factory and engineers, Kun finally learned in detail that many mountain and local taxes have also built a network center with a total area of more than 300 square meters, with more than 30 IBM servers, and deployed IBM AIX system, Red Hat Linux system, Microsoft Windows and other server operating systems

at present, the informatization construction of the tax industry is changing from the management stage to the service stage. In order to adapt to this change, Kunshan local tax began to integrate IT systems to ensure flexible collaboration and unified management between IT infrastructure and business operations, so as to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure, maximize the efficiency of infrastructure operation, and finally improve work efficiency and service quality

the informatization construction of Kunshan local tax has made great achievements. From the perspective of meeting the above transformation, the following problems need to be solved. First of all, due to the long construction cycle of IT system, some servers have been aging, and the application services running on them need to be migrated to new hardware platforms. Many brand server manufacturers' products do not provide support for early versions of operating systems such as WIN2000. Secondly, business development requires it systems to achieve a high degree of integration and optimization of storage and servers, and puts forward new requirements for the high availability and scalability of IT systems; There are also limited human resources, requiring it systems to simplify management and further reduce human demand; Finally, in response to the government's energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce government it expenditure, and improve taxpayer satisfaction, it is also necessary to effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs of IT systems. In short, a stable, highly scalable, easy to maintain and good economic IT infrastructure is the goal of Kunshan local tax information upgrading

taking advantage of VMware IT infrastructure to enter the cloud era

Kunshan local tax hopes to realize information upgrading through stable, high-performance and perfect and powerful solutions formed by mainstream products. After a detailed evaluation, Kunshan Local Taxation decided to deploy VMware infrastructure virtualization solutions to realize the comprehensive optimization and upgrading of IT infrastructure, considering VMware's rich successful experience and product technical strength

vmware's next-generation infrastructure virtualization software provides comprehensive virtualization, management, resource optimization, application availability and operation automation functions, which will all lead to changes in impact (especially displacement), virtualize servers, storage and networks, and allow multiple operating systems and their applications to run independently on virtual machines while sharing physical resources. VMware infrastructure virtualization software includes ESX server, virtual center (integrated vmotion, VMware DRS and VMware HA) and consolidated backup. As the core, ESX server is a robust and application proven virtual layer, which is directly installed on the bare metal of the physical server, abstracting the processor, memory, storage and network resources on the physical server into multiple virtual machines. By sharing hardware resources across virtual machines, hardware utilization is improved, and capital and operating costs are greatly reduced; Through advanced resource management, the service level of high availability and security functions has also been improved

vmware's professional service team helped Kunshan Local Taxation Bureau make an overall and reasonable plan for the IT architecture, and created the following specific solutions: first, replace the old storage device with the newly purchased storage to become the core storage device. The existing storage can be re divided into LUNs and handed over to the existing file, mail, official documents, images and other functional servers for expanding storage space, It can also be used as a backup for the virtual computing center of the main business server and the centralized storage system (real-time backup and timely switching of the main business system can be achieved through disaster recovery and backup recovery software). In addition, two more four eight core CPU Intel processors and 64g servers will be added as the operation host of the business system; The original x3850m2 is integrated into the new server virtual computing center in combination with the newly purchased virtual cloud computing center software to improve the computing and disaster recovery capabilities of the whole system. At the same time, add VMware virtualization system software in the data center to maximize the utilization of all servers and reduce the waste of computing resources

the efficiency of consolidation optimization is doubled.

the effect of VMware virtualization is mainly reflected in server virtualization. The two newly added physical servers have strong processing capacity. After virtualization, 29 application systems are running on them, which gives full play to the server performance and avoids the serious waste of resources of a single server before virtualization. The server integration ratio is 15:1, which greatly improves the efficiency of resource utilization. If you follow the traditional operation mode, that is, each application is installed on a physical machine, you need 29 servers. Server virtualization enables Kunshan local tax to save nearly half of the hardware investment and significantly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance

after the deployment of VMware infrastructure cloud computing solutions, Kunshan local tax's IT infrastructure became more reasonable, the performance of equipment was brought into full play, the technical bottlenecks restricting the overall system performance were eliminated, unified storage was realized, and the server was also guaranteed high availability. The predictive maintenance support provided by VMware further optimizes the IT system of Kunshan local tax and enhances its availability. The IT infrastructure facing the cloud era has greatly enhanced the efficiency of Kunshan local tax it system. The static test force of Yun 1 system is 500 kn; The operation efficiency and service level have been significantly improved. In the future, Kunshan local tax will also consider bringing all servers into the virtualization platform and realizing a cloud computing backup center based on Virtualization in different places

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