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VMware helps small and medium-sized enterprises embrace virtualization

VMware Corporation (NYSE transaction code: vmw), the global leader of virtualization solutions from desktop to data center and cloud, recently announced that it will launch a new VMware vSphere 4.1 solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, starting at $83 per processor. VMware's award-winning platform will help small and medium-sized enterprises rapidly deploy virtualized environments at affordable prices and acquire the most advanced functions

in addition, VMware also announced the official launch of VMware vSphere 4.1, which has improved key performance and efficiency for virtualization and cloud computing environments

through a third-party survey conducted by Forrester Research on X86 server virtualization decision makers of small and medium-sized enterprises in North America and Europe, it was found that 74% of the virtualization environments of all small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the survey adopted VMware technology. The survey also showed that 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises consider it a priority to make virtualization meet the standards for server deployment, disaster recovery, business continuity functions and infrastructure integration

small and medium-sized enterprises are the fastest growing part of VMware customer base. In the past two years, through the introduction of solutions and services specifically for the SME market, the number of VMware SME customers has rapidly tripled. VMware vSphere provides customers of all sizes with the most complete virtualization products. Today, the release of vSphere 4.1 will further expand the VMware SME solution suite and provide the most advanced virtualization capabilities to the broadest range of customers

"VMware's high availability, fault tolerance, data recovery and other functions make us very confident, because we know that even in the event of hardware failure, our key applications and data will be effectively protected, and can always meet the needs of users." Max herring, senior system administrator of Campbell clinic, said, "with VMware vSphere, we can easily build an enterprise quality disaster recovery environment at an affordable price."

"small and medium-sized enterprises are facing it challenges similar to large enterprises." Bogomil balkansky, vice president of virtualization and cloud platform product marketing of VMware, said, "Meeting these challenges requires innovative solutions that can provide cloud like it services, such as high availability, efficient disaster recovery and simplified management. Unlike large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have fewer legacy systems and applications, and their organizational structure is not complex, which enables them to adopt new technologies more freely and quickly, and achieve significant benefits immediately. By integrating decades of proven virtual Combining specialization with reasonable pricing and product packages, VMware provides a set of unique solutions that enable small and medium-sized enterprises to ensure the required scalability while providing enterprise level functions, so as to meet the growing business needs and accelerate the move towards' it as a service '. "

provide award-winning virtualization for small and medium-sized enterprises

by launching VMware vSphere 4.1, VMware has strengthened the virtualization suite for small and medium-sized enterprises and provided more advanced functions for the small and medium-sized enterprise market:

VMware vmotion will be included in VMware vSphere 4.1 essentials plus and standard editions. VMware motion provides the most advanced dynamic migration function, enabling customers to quickly migrate virtual machines across hardware environments without disrupting business operations. Dynamic migration enables customers to efficiently integrate physical systems and utilize resource pools by moving workloads to the optimal environment. More than 70% of VMware vSphere customers use vmotion. This will be the first time that VMware has incorporated this feature into VMware vSphere essentials plus and standard editions, aiming to help small and medium-sized enterprise customers benefit from it. VSphere 4.1 has the enhanced vmotion function, the migration speed is 5 times that of the original, and it can support up to 8 simultaneous migration operations. VSphere 4.1 essentials will offer a new low price. VMware vSphere 4.1 essentials will deliver integrated solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises with no more than 30 applications at a price of $495 for six processors (equivalent to about $83 per processor). Esxi is renamed VMware vSphere hypervisor and will continue to be available free of charge. VMware vSphere hypervisor (the previous esxi single server version 5) device test piece) provides customers of all sizes with widely validated VMware virtualization basic technology for free. As a complete VMware vSphere product suite, the vSphere hypervisor is composed of the same underlying hypervisor architecture when VMware zeros, enabling customers to quickly deploy virtualized production environments, achieve server consolidation, cost savings, and reduce power and cooling consumption. VMware vSphere hypervisor has been rapidly adopted in the market and has been proved to be able to run the most resource intensive applications with high performance. This free solution provides a rapid deployment platform to help organizations begin to adopt virtualization. "VMware vSphere essentials plus is the only product that can provide high availability cost effectively." Keith vincik, it server administrator of the Central Community College, said, "it is gratifying that virtualization and high availability solutions are not the patent of large enterprises, and small enterprises like us can also adopt them."

the most extensive virtualization partner ecosystem

vmware has built the industry's most extensive and stable virtualization partner ecosystem, with more than 25000 technology, channel and service partners. This extensive ecosystem provides a wide range of servers for small and medium-sized enterprises and remote office/Branch (Robo) customers, which can connect computer consoles, storage devices, networks and applications. They can interoperate with VMware vSphere 4.1, and are fully supported by each manufacturer. In addition, VMware vcloud partners such as bluelock and sungard also provide business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can directly use public cloud computing services. Communication world

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