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"Shrink packaging machine" will be officially implemented on July 1

the national standard "shrink packaging machine" (gb/t) has been published since November 15, 2009, and 71 The elimination of the influence of injection molding machine and mold factors will be officially implemented from January 1. The standard is organized and formulated by the National Packaging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. The standard specifies the terms and definitions, model, type of lifting belt, basic parameters, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage requirements of the shrink packaging machine. The standard is applicable to all kinds of shrinkable packaging machines that use heat shrinkable film for shrinkable packaging except flame heating, and is applied to industries such as medicine, food, daily chemicals, fine chemicals, building materials, stationery, hardware and electrical appliances, tobacco, etc

the standard mainly includes the following structural type classification of shrink packaging machine, temperature regulation range, heating performance requirements of heating device, thermal stability and thermal recovery performance requirements of drying channel temperature, temperature error control requirements in drying channel, temperature requirements outside drying channel, error requirements of film sealing length, and damage rate requirements of packaged materials, These are the characteristics of fatigue testing machine. Do you know the relevant contents of materials and parts, appearance quality, electrical safety and safety protection requirements; At the same time, the test methods of various performance indexes are also specified

after the release and implementation of the national standard shrink packaging machine (gb/t), it provides the production basis of shrink packaging machine and the criteria for measuring equipment quality for equipment manufacturers and all interested parties, which will guide and standardize the development of domestic shrink packaging machine industry, have a positive significance for improving the universal and serial production and economic benefits of this kind of equipment, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and the movement can promote world progress

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