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Shrink sleeve label improves product brand image

shrink sleeve label can be printed 360, so that packaging manufacturers do not need to limit the style and color of bottle design due to container shape

shrink sleeve label is a sleeve type seamless label. When the label made of film material is heated, the label will shrink according to the curve of the bottle body, so that the label and the bottle body are perfectly combined. Generally, the film material of the shrink sleeve is PVC, PETG, OPP or PP

the use of shrink sleeve label to decorate the bottle body adds a strong visual impact and attraction to it. Compared with pressure-sensitive labels that can only be printed and labeled in designated areas, 360's printing method has the production and display advantages that cannot be underestimated. Products marked with shrink sleeves involve many fields, such as food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, personal disposals, etc

the following are the application cases of several different forms of outer coating, whose curing speed is 30% faster than that of two-component polyurethane coating, which are introduced here one by one

full wrapped shrink sleeve label

the full wrapped shrink sleeve label can completely surround the bottle body and perfectly show the outline of the bottle body. 360? The decorative effect from head to toe also reflects the super attractive appearance

the shrink sleeve label on the top can be easily moved, and for the full package sleeve label on the bottle, even products that have been on the market for a long time will glow with new vitality; If UV printing is used again, the small label will bring us more colorful

the full package labeling can also be applied to the packaging of two or more containers. The packaging form of labeling multiple products of the same type not only saves the cost of packaging materials, but also reduces the storage cost. It only needs a container without printing any patterns, and saves the cost and time of printing images on each container

the general shrink sleeve label is the same as the full wrapped sleeve label, but it is very small for thin-walled plastic parts or gates, but it does not wrap the whole bottle body. Usually, the label is wrapped in a specific position of the bottle to highlight the brand of the product

labeling semi-finished products

the labeling will be processed into a certain shape by heating according to the specified shape to match the contour of the bottle body, so conforming to the curve of the bottle body is also the prerequisite for labeling processing. Even if it is a conical bottle body, or there is no bottle body that can support the trademark, the shrink sleeve label can be placed in a suitable position before heating and shrinking

for semi-finished labels, it is also required to have a bright surface and undergo pre color printing. During the pre forming process, the vertical or horizontal perforation on the label surface can ensure the free movement of the sleeve label on the bottle body, so as to adjust the position of the label on the bottle body in time. Because it is very necessary to manually adjust the position of the label semi-finished product before it passes through the heating and shrinking link

if the label is in roll form, you must know the required uncoiling diameter before printing, that is, it is suitable for the bottle body. Welcome to consult the label size. In addition, it should also be clear whether the label is first expanded from the top or the tail, and whether it has a printed pattern as the surface or the back? Only by clarifying the above information can we ensure that the label meets the requirements of container packaging after printing

one of the biggest applications of semi-finished product labeling is for anti-counterfeiting. Some brands attach warning information to the label during pre printing, and use it together with other kinds of labels. This can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting of products, but also alleviate the difficulties of consumers caused by problems in the logistics link. At present, the most common application of this anti-counterfeiting label is in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging

improve brand effect

the main function of shrink sleeve label is to improve brand effect, especially for different containers, packaging them into unified products can make your products, even if they are of different sizes and shapes, easily packed together. Generally, if a product uses a shrink sleeve label, for consumers, it also means cost savings compared with purchasing separately. The following are several aspects of improving the brand effect:

* for new products, it plays a good promotional role

* help sell goods with long shelf life

* increase short-term sales

* help recommend other products in the package

if the promotion period ends, the packaging form of the consortium can also be separated, so that they can continue to be sold separately. This kind of promotion method is widely used in personal care or household daily chemical products

it is not an easy task to print the film material of shrink sleeve label, because this material is usually very thin, so it is very important to control its surface tension. The smooth surface makes it difficult for the ink to adsorb on it, so choosing a suitable ink and ensuring the dryness of the ink are very critical to the performance stability of the label in the future

rotary gravure printing or flexographic printing is a commonly used method of label printing at present. Many times, labels need to be printed on the back, so that the printed image will not be worn or scratched. The position of the label can be adjusted manually or automatically. Then, the container enters the heating channel together with the shrink sleeve label, and the label shrinks and deforms, and is combined with it according to the contour of the bottle body

the shrink sleeve label can be reel type or single sheet, and the specific form depends on the type of bottle used. If the label is processed manually, it may be cut into single sheets; If it is operated by an automatic device, it is only in the form of a drum

source: modern packaging

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