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Heat shrinkable packaging strap makes it easier for consumers to buy products

heat shrinkable film packaging strap is to add a strap printed with product logo or promotional information on any specification of heat shrinkable film packaging, which makes the packaging more beautiful, so that the relative position is convenient and practical, easy for consumers to buy and carry, and increases product sales opportunities

heat shrinkable film packaging is a collective packaging form that is widely used in beverage packaging today. Because this kind of packaging adopts transparent plastic film packaging, it has good display effect and low packaging cost, which can increase the number of consumers' single purchase. More and more beverage and beer enterprises adopt this kind of packaging form. Large brand products such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Heineken beer, whether pet bottles or cans, use this packaging. However, this kind of packaging is not very convenient for the purchase of baby strollers, electric baby strollers, children's bicycles, and children's three wheelers. For example, the 2-liter 6-bottle heat shrinkable film collective packaging weighs more than 10 kg. Because this kind of packaging has no convenient hand-held device, it is very inconvenient for consumers to carry it away, resulting in consumers' unwillingness to buy the whole package, which largely loses the role of using collective packaging to increase the number of purchases. According to this situation, novakust company of Germany introduced the equipment of adding lifting straps to heat shrinkable film. This equipment can easily add a single or multiple lifting straps printed with product logo or promotional information on the heat shrinkable film packaging of any specification. The weight of a single lifting strap can reach 20 kg, making the product packaging more beautiful, convenient and practical. More importantly, it is easy for consumers to buy and carry, and it is very convenient to carry the product away, causing impact products, It can really increase the single purchase quantity of products. Moreover, while consumers carry products, they also increase the opportunity to show the product brand, and humanized packaging increases the reputation of enterprises and products. A small tape may bring enterprises not only opportunities and sales, but also more

information source: packaging Expo

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