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In recent years, Chengdu has always given priority to the development of electronic information industry as a leading industry. Shuangliu district has also cultivated and formed emerging electronic information industry clusters focusing on intelligent terminal manufacturing, integrated circuits, new displays and other fields, which operate only according to normal practices. At present, the construction of Shuangliu military civilian integration industrial park is accelerating, and we strive to achieve the goal of building the third pole of China's integrated circuits by 2035

Lanzhi Electronic Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. settled in Shuangliu District in 2017, which is one of the first batch of key projects to settle in Chengdu core valley of Shuangliu military civilian integration industrial park

"the establishment of Lanzhi electronics has a unique positioning. If it is invalid, please adjust the line of the limit switch (usually installed near the mobile test bench and the fixed beam) to the normal state. Smart home is its main development direction, providing a highly integrated, flexible and customized ai home related overall solution to meet the needs of users for home entertainment." Dongtaibo, the company's software engineering director, said, "at the same time, the company provides consumer IOT solutions with rich functions and high cost performance, so that smart homes can achieve ubiquitous wireless connections."

generally speaking, Lanzhi electronics is doing product chip research and development. A small and inconspicuous chip even exceeds $8. According to reports, Lanzhi electronics has achieved a sales revenue of more than 200million yuan in less than nine months since its official independent operation in August 2017. Behind the impressive performance is the company's first-class R & D strength. Since its establishment, the company will hold a temporary Southeast University meeting on March 16 to review the proposal, and applied for 59 domestic and foreign patents, of which 33 were authorized

Dong Taibo said, "the company has great advantages in the technical scheme. For example, the general standard in the industry for the channel changing speed of TV set-top boxes is generally 1 to 2 seconds, but LAN Zhi Electronics' scheme can be optimized to 200 milliseconds."

at present, Lanzhi electronics is supporting the construction of Lanzhi smart information research and development and industrial base in Chengdu core Valley, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Dongtaibo told that the company decided to settle in Shuangliu mainly for three reasons. In a condensed sentence, it is: the right time, the right place and the right people

"Tianshi", the development of integrated circuit industry has risen to a "national strategy", and local governments attach great importance to related industries

"favorable location", Chengdu has a good economic foundation and business environment, and there is a broad market space in the use of household appliances and car ownership; Shuangliu has also issued a series of policies on the development of electronic information industry, creating a good industrial environment for enterprises, striving to build an "Chengdu core Valley" industrial ecosystem, and improving the supporting facilities of relevant industries

"Renhe". In terms of talent gradients, Chengdu has good talent education reserves, dozens of scientific research institutions and various scientific research achievement innovation platforms; At the same time, the relevant leaders of Shuangliu district Party committee and government and Xingu headquarters are very professional and dedicated. Their sincerity and feelings for industrial development finally moved Lanzhi electronics to finally settle in Shuangliu

it is understood that the military civilian integration industrial park in Shuangliu District, Chengdu has a planned area of 57 square kilometers. Relying on the military civilian integration industrial resources of leading institutes and enterprises such as China Electronics Technology Corporation, China Electronics Corporation and China Academy of physics, the Park focuses on the development of electronic information industry with integrated circuits as the core, strives to create a national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone, and builds an electronic information industry ecosystem with global influence

up to now, the military civilian integration industrial park in Shuangliu district has 18 projects, including China security, Jiuxin micro and Chengdu Huawei, covering the categories of integrated circuit, digital economy, photoelectric industry, etc

xuxuefeng, Chengdu core valley construction headquarters, said: "By 2020, Shuangliu military civilian integration industrial park will achieve the goal of a total revenue of 40 billion yuan and basically build a provincial military civilian integration industrial demonstration park. By 2025, the region will strive to build a national military civilian integration industrial demonstration park with multiple characteristics of bubble film, and create a digital economic circle with global influence. By 2035, the main revenue will reach 300 billion yuan, and strive to achieve the goal of building China's third pole of integrated circuits."

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