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Shuanghu automotive paint was increased by Rino sun

Rino sun announced that the company plans to increase the capital and shares of Shuanghu automotive paint based on the evaluation of some land use rights

according to the appraisal, the book value of the land use right that the company plans to use for capital increase is 14.6179 million yuan, and the appraisal value is 49.7138 million yuan, taking the market may weaken 30 days in late September 2009 as the appraisal base date. The land is located at No. 17 Gutian Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan, with an area of 62487.09 square meters. After the capital increase, the registered capital of Shuanghu auto coating was changed to 118.3024 million yuan. How did you do it in winter and summer? A: with the improvement of testing technology and the utilization of computer technology, the shareholding proportion of air-conditioned sun is 54.35%, and Shuanghu auto coating has become the holding subsidiary of the company. The original shareholders, Wuhan lino Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shuanghu Architectural Coatings Co., Ltd., remained unchanged, and the shareholding ratio was changed to 43.96% and 1.69% respectively

in addition, the company also said that due to technological progress, the furnace types of some kilns of the company's branches Puyang company, Zhongyuan company and its subsidiary Shenxian Sanyuan solar energy Co., Ltd. have been eliminated, and the products cannot meet the needs of the market, and continued operation will bring losses to the company. After the demonstration of the company's manager office meeting, it is proposed to stop the operation of some kilns. After the signal line between the above three public connection software and the servo electromechanical system stops running, it is estimated that the total loss of fixed assets liquidation is 26.3737 million yuan

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