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Shuanghe increased capital by 25million to transform the production line

in the case of serious overcapacity in the infusion industry, 5) overload protection: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, the enterprise has to open up a new road. Shuanghe Pharmaceutical (600062) announced last night that it would increase the investment of 25million yuan to Binhu Shuanghe to build a new non PVC soft bag infusion production line with an annual output of 15million bags. This is the first substantive action of Shuanghe's transformation to "high-end infusion"

it is reported that the investment of 25million yuan for the new non PVC soft bag infusion production line is only the first step taken by Shuanghe in taking the "high-end route". It is reported that Shuanghe pharmaceutical recently signed an agreement with a famous American enterprise on the development, authorization and supply of oxygenttm (fluorocarbon blood substitute related to the quality of adhesive tape) in China. Oxygenttm is one of the infusion products with the highest scientific and technological content in the world

after focusing on "high-end", as the largest manufacturer of conventional ordinary infusion products in China, Shuanghe has to face the problem of how to digest this part of production capacity. An executive in charge of marketing in Shuanghe said that the company has set its strategic sights on secondary and tertiary cities, even the vast rural market. Located in Wuhan, Binhu Shuanghe has an annual production capacity of 200million glass bottles of high-capacity injections, and its output ranks second among infusion manufacturers in China. It is one of the large infusion production bases of Shuanghe pharmaceutical. However, all of its products are glass bottle injections, with single packaging, structure and low added value

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