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Shuanghu paint college student entrepreneurship project Jingshan store opened in Hubei Province

Shuanghu paint college student entrepreneurship project Jingshan store opened in Hubei Province

June 7, 2010

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[China paint information] at 11:00 a.m. on June 4, "Shuanghu paint college student 3ling material stock price fell by 8% on November 24. Entrepreneurial project Jingshan store" opened, Shuanghu paint "college student entrepreneurship project" bears its first "fruit". Luo Yong, deputy director of Hubei youth entrepreneurship and Employment Promotion Center, panmingxiang, marketing director of Wuhan Shuanghu paint, and Wei Zhongnan, deputy general manager of Chutian Metropolis Daily, attended the opening ceremony and said that they would give entrepreneurial support to the college student store managers of Beijing 8, architecture and regional environmental vibration Mountain store

it is reported that universities in Jianli, Shishou, Macheng and other places (6) save: Students' Entrepreneurship stores that manually save the experimental data will also open this month

on June 4, xionghualin, a college student at the helm of Jingshan store, told that it cost nearly 50000 yuan to open the store, almost all of which was the money he saved by working south. The day before yesterday, he took the initiative to promote the use of paint in an auto repair shop. Before opening, he "opened" first, which greatly increased Xiaoxiong's confidence

at the opening site, the three principals of the organizer taught Xiaoxiong a lot of entrepreneurial experience with their own experience. Panmingxiang, marketing director of Shuanghu paint, reminded Xiaoxiong to take the initiative to "sweep the streets" and expand his influence in prosperous business districts, building materials markets and towns. Luo Yong said that if Xiaoxiong encounters financial difficulties, he can apply for small amount of entrepreneurial capital support

Xiaoxiong's family is in the countryside, and the money for starting a business is earned through hard work. The studious little bear didn't miss a lesson during his training in Wuhan... "The experience of little bear epitomizes the purpose of the college student entrepreneurship project to help poor college students start businesses and share for society and families", panmingxiang, the marketing director of Shuanghu paint, said on the spot that Shuanghu paint was transferred from Wuhan to promote promotional cars, and carried out "carpet" bombing promotions in Jingshan County and towns to support little bear to open the market

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