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Heat shrinkable packaging machines have attracted more and more attention

in recent years, with the strong requirements of enterprises for cost control and increasingly rich packaging forms, heat shrinkable packaging machines have attracted more and more attention, and the usage is also increasing significantly. Therefore, equipment manufacturers at home and abroad have also rapidly developed and manufactured a variety of heat shrinkable packaging machines to meet the needs of the market. In the beverage industry, the application of heat shrinkable packaging technology is particularly prominent

a heat shrinkable packaging machine that can complete basic functions must include: bottle feeding and bottle splitting part, main drive part, film wrapping part, film loading part, heat shrinkable furnace part and control part. In addition, if you want to add a pallet under the package, you also need the pallet storage and conveying part. In addition, it may also include some parts to complete other extended functions. Next, we will introduce the workflow of each part and the precautions for this part when selecting equipment in detail for these parts

bottle feeding and bottle dividing part

the main function of this part is to transport products to the inside of the machine. There are two forms of products entering the heat shrinkable packaging machine, namely, dispersed products and products that have been packaged into small packages. Dispersed products refer to products without any secondary packaging; The latter refers to the small packages that have been packaged once by the previous packaging machine, and the heat shrinkable packaging machine will repack these small packages again

this part can be divided into three links: bottle feeding, comprehensive separation and transverse forming

bottle feeding is to transport products to the packaging machine, which belongs to the conveying line. Generally speaking, this part is also adjusted and controlled by the packaging machine. The key to the bottle feeding part is the adjustment of speed. A good packaging machine can deliver without pressure, and its speed can also change with the speed of the bottle dividing finger, so as to ensure that the bottle will not be squeezed or the bottle will be too loose in the whole cycle of the bottle dividing finger action. This function is particularly important for the packaging of non gassy drinks

comprehensive column is to divide the products delivered from the bottle feeding part into comprehensive columns according to the requirements of packaging form. Generally, it is composed of several suspended stainless steel partition plates and the positioning device of these partition plates. When using and purchasing machinery, we should pay attention to the following two points: first, if the partition board is stainless steel plate, we must pay attention to the imported guide device. If it is not handled well, the imported package trademark may be scratched or the package may be damaged. Second, at present, there are three types of positioning devices for these separation plates. The earliest is to separate and fix the partition board by cylindrical blocks with a certain spacing. This form has the advantages of low cost, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the conversion of production varieties takes too long, and the labor intensity is high, which can not meet the needs of modern production for equipment flexibility. At present, a more practical method is to set a manual adjusting wheel at each positioning device, so that the time of variety conversion can be shortened with little cost, and the conversion can be completed without too complicated operation. Now, the most advanced sorting part is completely completed by the servo motor. As long as the call of variety conversion program is completed on the operation panel, the equipment will automatically convert to the spacing of new production varieties, but the cost of the equipment is too high

transverse forming part, which is to separate the products vertically into several rows according to the packaging requirements. In the old way, the pneumatic valve controlled by the cylinder was used for separation. This way, the speed should not be too fast. However, this method can also be used in repacking small packages into large packages, that is, a pressing plate controlled by the cylinder is used to realize. At present, most machines use a group of bottle fingers driven by a pair of servo motors. In this way, the distance of a group of bottle fingers is adjusted through the program control of the movement of two servo motors, so as to complete the separation of products. The ingeniously designed bottle dividing finger can basically complete the packaging of all products with only one set of bottle dividing fingers, instead of replacing the bottle dividing finger every time the product is replaced. Another advantage of bottle dividing finger is that it can send a section of product forward after bottle dividing until the next process

main drive part

the main drive part is located in the middle of the heat shrinkable packaging equipment and is the benchmark of all actions of the machine. It is mainly completed by a set of push rods of a frequency converter driven motor. Its function is to send the packaging form completed in the previous process to 11. Host form: door frame structure film wrapping area. An encoder is installed at the end of the main motor to control all pulses of the machine. A clutch or proximity switch is installed on one shaft of the push rod. When the main push rod is overloaded, the clutch disengages and the machine stops. This part requires stable operation, which is more important for high-speed machines

film wrapping part

the function of the film wrapping part is to press one end of the film under the product while the separated product moves forward, and the other end wraps around the product for a week and then returns to the bottom of the product to form a package for the product. The film wrapping part is generally completed by a servo motor driving the chain to drive a certain number of film wrapping rods. The height of the film wrapping rod can be adjusted by the mechanical part, and the speed and phase are controlled by the movement of the servo motor. The adjustment of this part is very important, that is, to ensure that the film wrapping rod is located behind the product when the product enters, and to wrap in front of the product when the product leaves, so as not to interfere with the product; At the same time, we should also ensure the tightness and phase of the film wrapped on the product. The quality of this link directly affects the packaging effect of the final product. In order to ensure the integrity of product packaging and film, photoelectric switches are set at the product inlet, above the packaging and at the part where the product leaves to check whether the incoming product is complete, whether the film is wrapped on the product and whether the shape of the product entering the next process meets the requirements. If the working parameters are not adjusted well at this stage, the equipment will be shut down

upper film part

as the name suggests, the upper film part is the part that unfolds the film from the film roll and sends it to the film wrapping area. Now the general heat shrinkable packaging machine is equipped with two film rollers, one of which is used as a standby. The film roller is equipped with a brake device to ensure the delivery and tension of the film. If the film is not well tensioned, it will affect the cutting of the next process. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good brake device. In the process of film conveying, the following devices are also equipped: a group of rollers used to change the conveying direction of the film and assist in tensioning; It is best to choose a set of electrostatic elimination device here, because the electrostatic elimination of domestic films is not very stable. If there is no electrostatic elimination device, it will affect the effect of packaging; If the color film is used, a color recognition device needs to be installed here to identify the position of the color film, and the packaging machine 'target' is used=_ Blank> transparent film can turn this function off

heat shrinkable furnace part

this part is the key part of heat shrinkable packaging equipment to maintain a relatively high gross margin of composite polyurethane adhesive used in emerging fields. Here, the plastic film wrapped in the film wrapping area on the package is tightened to the package by the shrinkage of the film through electric heating. This part is mainly composed of heating furnace wire and air circulation system. The heating furnace wire increases the temperature of the air to the shrinkage temperature of the film. The circulation system blows the air heated by the fan onto the package and returns to the furnace wire part for further heating. A good heat shrinkable furnace can get beautiful packaging effect, so that your product is in a favorable position in the market competition. The wind force and wind direction of the earliest heat shrinkable furnace are not adjustable. Later heat shrinkable furnaces are equipped with dampers to adjust the wind direction and wind force in the circulation system. Now more advanced heat shrinkable furnaces can blow hot air directly to the shrinking part, which can get excellent shrinking effect

transition belts are also equipped at the inlet and outlet of the heat shrinkable furnace to match the speed of the transition packaging machine with the heat shrinkable furnace and the packaging machine with the export conveyor line, so as to avoid the damage of the package due to the large speed difference

other modules

and then the wire rope length

is checked through the wire adjustment device "K exhibition is one of the most important activities in the rubber and plastic industry. The equipment in the exhibition is generally modular design. If you want to add paper mats under plastic packaging products, you need to add a module with paper mats; if you want to add pallets on packaging, you need to add pallet function modules. However, in many enterprises, in order to save packaging costs, single plastic film is enough, and there is no need to add paper mats and pallets. In addition, for the needs of the market, it has been developed abroad There are heat shrinkable packaging machines with some other additional functions, such as the function of adding a handle after finishing the small packaging, which requires adding a machine with a handle in the packaging machine. However, the general price of this handle packaging is relatively high, about 0.5~1 yuan each. At present, it is not widely used in the domestic market. In addition, some promotional gift functions can be added to the package, which requires adding a small module on the side of the machine to facilitate the placement of CDs or other small items in each package. These functions may appear in the Chinese market in the near future

in addition, users should also pay attention to the following two points when using the heat shrinkable packaging machine: first, the plastic film consumption of the packaging machine is relatively large. A 300 bottle/minute production line requires about 1 ton of film a day. Therefore, when choosing plastic film, we must pay attention to the national environmental protection policy and choose the plastic film that meets the requirements. Second, since the heat shrinkable furnace is heated by electricity, the equipment is a large power consumer, which generally accounts for more than half of the power consumption of the whole production line. Therefore, when selecting the equipment, we must consider its power consumption, and even when selecting the equipment, we should compare its power consumption

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