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Shuanggou liquor bottle: Using RFID anti-counterfeiting technology

with the world economic development and Global trade increment, from logistics, supply management, manufacturing, assembly to air baggage, mail, express parcel processing, etc., it is urgent to need accurate, fast and convenient processing means. RFID radio frequency identification (commonly known as electronic tag) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not need human intervention, and can work in various environments

in recent years, food safety has been a hot and focused issue of the whole society, and has become a Damocles sword hanging over the head of food enterprises. Recently, Jiangsu Shuanggou liquor industry Co., Ltd. held a launch conference of new RFID anti-counterfeiting products in Shuanggou zhenbaofang in Nanjing, which took the lead in opening the prelude to the application of a new anti-counterfeiting screening system by Chinese Baijiu enterprises

letting consumers drink safe wine and have the right to know has always been an important topic that Stora Enso has never stopped studying. Since 2007, the company has spent a lot of money with experts and scholars from China RFID Association and related professional companies to study and test repeatedly, and creatively apply the RFID technology vigorously supported and promoted by the state to the enterprise Baijiu anti-counterfeiting system

the RFID anti-counterfeiting screening system of Shuanggou zhenbaofang takes the simple and immediate knowledge of the authenticity as the core, takes modernity and high technology as the tone, and combines RFID technology with mobile communication technology in the principle of simplicity, quickness and convenience to realize the anti-counterfeiting screening of a single bottle of Baijiu. BASF, the world's leading chemical company, has successfully contributed to the research and development of Brooke's thermal insulation, which has solved the confusion of consumers who can't distinguish between true and false famous wines, and has no longer been confused

the function of each bottle of double groove spring suspension device is more important. The unique RFID electronic chip is installed in the bottle of treasure square. As long as consumers pick up the specially equipped reader and lean against it easily, the reader will quickly display the date of manufacture, quality grade and other information of the bottle of wine. At the same time, the chip will be destroyed once after opening and cannot be reused. Therefore, strong technical barriers and application costs will make counterfeiters have no way to start and do nothing, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of fake wine from the technology and source. Pay attention to process and talents

according to the person in charge of China RFID Association, the successful development of new RFID anti-counterfeiting products in Shuanggou zhenbaofang is a technological revolution in the anti-counterfeiting and fidelity of famous wines. The system can also realize the whole process management of Baijiu production process and liquor storage, transportation and distribution through RFID bottle labels and liquor box labels. From then on, it will open a new chapter in the development of Baijiu anti-counterfeiting, channel management and other technologies, which will effectively enhance the credibility and authority of Shuanggou famous liquor, and become a pioneer in the technical anti-counterfeiting and source crackdown on counterfeiting in the Baijiu industry

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