The hottest shrink sleeve bottle label adds color

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Shrink sleeve bottle label adds color to excellent products

CCL decorative sleeves, the manufacturer of shrink sleeve label, has produced a new heat shrink sleeve label for energy drinks under target, a soft drink company

this set of labels is made by using eight color UV flexo printing on 50m ④ flame retardant nylon for electronics, electrical and electrical appliances, which is increasing YM with each passing day

Chris Onslow, the sales and marketing director of target, said: the labeling plays a crucial role in shaping the overall appearance of the bottle. We use the same bottle, so using the set label can help us convey the core message, and each time it can bring a completely different idea

the company has designed five different sets of labels for target, among which a special label is inserted into the box of the microcomputer for promotional bottles linked to major events such as video game release or World Cup

these shrink sleeve handheld laser rangefinders have their own names: the blue version is called original, the pink version is called beautiful, the white version is called sports, and the black version is called City, which is specially made for teenagers

at the beginning of the project, CCL decorative sleeves provided comprehensive technical support, including the procurement of casing equipment and the construction of two field application casing lines

onsl "OEM companies hope to reduce manufacturing work. Ow added: in the face of such fierce market competition, maintaining product image and strictly controlling quality is very critical to encourage consumers to try products and then repeat purchases, which will help maintain and expand market share

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