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The practice and exploration of environmental protection education in the training of packaging engineering talents (Part 2)

3 the practice and exploration of environmental protection education in the training of packaging talents

3.1 cultivate environmental protection awareness in combination with professional characteristics

for freshmen who have just entered the University, when introducing their majors, it is necessary to carry out environmental protection education for them, and analyze the harm and impact of environmental pollution on the sustainable development of the national economy, society and industry. In terms of the connection between packaging and economic development, environmental protection problems in the packaging industry, green trade barriers and green packaging, students should firmly establish their awareness of environmental protection

3.2 enrich teaching connotation, deepen environmental education

enrich the education of environmental awareness, knowledge, laws and regulations of packaging talents. In the teaching process, specific environmental protection figures are used to illustrate the problem, and the green trade barriers encountered in the 90 degree stripping export of products are used to illustrate the relationship between packaging and environmental protection; For example, the composition of municipal waste and the proportion of packaging waste, as well as the changes in the proportion of all kinds of packaging material waste, illustrate the urgency and importance of solving the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, as well as the necessity of waste recycling. Take Guangzhou as an example. At present, 6000 tons of urban garbage are produced every day. Calculated by the proportion of direct recycling of 32.5%, among these garbage resources, 480000 tons of plastic and 126000 tons of waste paper can be recycled every year. Only one item of waste paper recycling can reduce 2.15 million trees and save more than 90 million yuan in garbage treatment fees

the level of recycling and treatment technology of packaging waste directly affects the sustainable development of the packaging industry; Developed countries pay attention to resource recycling, recycling, and cutting, and standardize the production of packaging materials, product sales and use, and waste recycling in the form of laws and regulations; In the production of packaging containers, the components of materials should be marked to facilitate classification and recycling; Some containers are required to use a certain proportion of recycled materials to minimize the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. The developed countries' environmental protection measures for packaging are worthy of our reference

3.3 continuous exploration and training of innovative talents

the training of innovative talents in packaging is inseparable from environmental protection education; In the process of teaching practice, we can explore according to students' learning ability and market needs; Special courses on environmental protection and comprehensive utilization technology of packaging waste will be offered in the second semester of grade 3 or the first semester of grade 4. On the one hand, it systematically introduces the basic knowledge of environmental protection, which directly affects the living environment of human beings from the importance and urgency of environmental protection. Specifically, for the packaging industry, it involves the sustainable development of the industry; On the other hand, it introduces the concept of packaging waste, its direct impact on environmental pollution, as well as the control technology and relevant laws and regulations at home and abroad to control the pollution caused by packaging waste; The recycling of plastic packaging waste is mainly introduced; Finally, the problems of cleaner production and green packaging are introduced

students majoring in packaging engineering have a clear understanding of the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste through the study of environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of packaging waste. The students' awareness of environmental protection has been significantly improved. According to the actual situation of their major, they wrote a paper on environmental protection combined with the packaging major. From the content of students' papers, it involves many fields of packaging, including green packaging, packaging materials, packaging design, recycling of packaging waste, cleaner production, packaging and foreign trade, packaging and municipal waste, which greatly broadens the vision and improves the level of knowledge and understanding of environmental protection

according to the preliminary investigation of the work practice of the graduates majoring in packaging, environmental protection knowledge is often involved in the practice of packaging engineering. From the packaging materials, appearance design, including the packaging printing ink used, we have carried out in-depth green transformation of regional industry, efficient and clean utilization of coal and carbon in the industrial field, collaborative disposal of domestic waste and solid waste in cement kilns, comprehensive utilization base of industrial resources Environmental protection issues should be considered in the demonstration work such as extended pilot projects for producers of electrical and electronic products and automotive products; And environmental protection laws and regulations of countries and regions where products are sold. Guangdong has many export-oriented enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, and its products are exported to all parts of the world; Packaging talents have the knowledge of environmental protection laws and regulations in packaging of various countries, which is of practical significance and meets the needs of market-oriented talents

4 conclusion

with the continuous improvement of human understanding of environmental protection, more and more strict laws and regulations will be formulated for industries or materials that pollute the environment; The packaging industry must take the road of green packaging and sustainable development in order to meet the environmental requirements of human social development. Environmental protection education plays an increasingly important role in the training of innovative talents in packaging


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