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Practice and exploration of fire safety in maintenance -- the signature on the fire ticket (7)

the signature of the fire supervisor, project leader, approver, etc. must be filled in by themselves, and must not be signed on behalf of others. And make the signatory understand the role and responsibilities in the fire operation, take the fire work seriously, check at all levels, and implement fire prevention measures at all levels. In particular, the fire ticket approver should consider the following points:

1. Before approval and signing, the fire ticket and the 101st western international plastic industry exhibition, which will open in Chongqing on April 16, 2015, should also be carefully checked and confirmed at the fire scene. It is necessary to clarify the fire using unit, area, location, time, scope, fire user and on-site guardian; Confirm the analysis data, fire scheme and fire safety measures. Only after the above items are checked and confirmed to be correct, can we sign the hardness test. The hardness test is to slowly press a hard indenter into the surface of the sample according to the specified conditions, and then test the indentation depth or size to agree

2. The approver mainly considers two issues: the first is the hot work equipment itself, and the second is the surrounding environment of the fire. Mobile equipment such as towers, tanks, kettles, reactors, heat exchangers, etc. because there are the largest number of population equipment, pumps, pipelines, etc., no matter what equipment, it must first be purged and replaced. The pipelines connected with the outside must be closed with valves and isolated with blind plates. The sampling analysis in the equipment is qualified. It is best to open the closed equipment when using fire, and steam or nitrogen when conditions permit. Secondly, check the surrounding environment of fire equipment to see if there is any leakage or open equipment. If there is, it should be eliminated, closed and covered. It is necessary to eliminate nearby combustible substances and close the drainage well and floor drain; In order to prevent sparks from blowing away in windy weather, fire-retardant materials such as asbestos cloth should be enclosed, and fire should be stopped in windy days; When using fire at heights, the welding slag shall be enclosed and shall not fall and splash everywhere; Open doors and windows for ventilation during indoor hot work. Materials should be avoided as far as possible. As for kelaoli hyperlar hot work, reliable safety measures should be taken for special hot work treatment if it is unavoidable. Fire fighting equipment should be prepared at the fire site, just in case

3. the fire approver must go deep into the site to understand all kinds of situations, take effective measures, grasp the particularity of each hot work, and take corresponding measures. If the position of the thermal power plant is close to the trench and floor drain, it is necessary to seal it tightly. In addition, corresponding measures should be taken for different media, high and low places, the size of flow, the length of fire time, etc

4. The group company stipulates that the first-class fire ticket approval authority is the director of the business department where the fire operation is located, the deputy director of production, and the deputy director of process. Considering that the overhaul is undertaken by leaders in pieces, the general person in charge of device overhaul can approve the first-class fire ticket under the authorization of the director

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