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Safety accident pre control measures

in order to effectively control the occurrence of accidents and ensure the realization of the safety production indicators of the project department, the following safety accident pre control measures are formulated according to the policy of safety first and prevention first and the types of frequent accidents in today's construction, combined with the safety situation of the site

1. Establish and improve the safety production system, implement the first person system of safety production, allocate full-time safety officers, adhere to the regular safety inspection system, carry out in-depth safety education and education on violation of rules and regulations, remember every employee, especially the front-line construction and production measures, and be able to master the safety operation procedures of this post, obey the command during construction, operate according to the standard requirements, and carefully implement the safety technical disclosure system, So that workers will not hurt themselves, others or be hurt by others during construction

2. Prevent falling from height, object strike and collapse accidents

2.1 use Sanbao correctly, and carefully carry out safety protection for four ports and edges. Safety, safety helmet and safety belt must meet the technical performance requirements of national standards. All stair entrances, elevator entrances, reserved openings, passageways, floor edges, balcony edges, roof edges and other edges that may fall more than 2m above the ground must have effective and reliable protection to prevent falling from heights and object strikes. The ground passage shall be provided with a protective shed, which must meet the safety requirements

2.2 the project plans to adopt fastener type double row steel pipe external scaffold. The design scheme and specific safety measures are detailed in the scaffold construction scheme. The acceptance and daily inspection of scaffolds shall be carried out according to the following provisions. Only after passing the inspection can they continue to work hard to allow them to be put into use or continue to use

2.3 after erection, it can be used continuously for 6 months

2.4 the formwork engineering should be designed by professional technicians, and the construction technical scheme should be prepared to ensure that the formwork support system has sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. In the process of formwork installation, the operators should strictly follow the formwork design and construction technical scheme, and should not change the formwork design at will. After the formwork is installed, the quality shall be jointly inspected and accepted by the technical director of the site and the quality inspector. The concrete can be poured only after the specific length of the machine is confirmed to be safe and reliable and can be customized according to the length of the sample. During the pouring of concrete, a special person shall be appointed to monitor the stress of the formwork support. The removal of formwork support system must be confirmed that the concrete strength reaches the formwork removal strength and notified by the technology department, and the order of formwork removal should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction technical scheme and safety disclosure. Rough construction is strictly prohibited

2.5 during the construction, the stacking quantity and weight of building materials, revolving materials, construction machinery, machines and tools or other materials on the floor shall be strictly controlled to avoid excessive concentrated load causing the fracture and collapse of the floor or roof

2.6 tower cranes and construction elevators used on site must formulate construction plans for installation and removal, strictly follow the installation and removal sequence, and be equipped with complete and effective limit safety devices. After installation, it can only be used after being accepted by the local labor department. In the process of use, regular inspection, repair and maintenance should be carried out to ensure that their limit and insurance are sensitive and reliable

3. To prevent electric shock and poisoning accidents

3.1 the construction organization design must be prepared for temporary electricity use at the construction site, and TN-S system shall be used for power distribution

3.2 according to the requirements of the technical regulations for electrical safety in various advanced fields, including tissue engineering, software robots and nano devices, the temporary 3D printing materials for building construction will be widely used to protect the grounding or neutral connection of machinery and hand-held electric tools, so as to ensure their safe use and use safe electricity below 36V

3.3 equip the construction site with necessary rescue equipment, carry out rescue knowledge education, formulate rescue measures, and have someone implement operation supervision. Once a poisoning accident occurs, organize scientific rescue immediately. Prevent the continuous spread, deterioration and expansion of the accident

3.4 for toxic materials, a management system for storage, distribution and use must be established. Toxic materials should be well ventilated and equipped with personal protection measures. When heating with coal stove in winter, keep indoor ventilation to prevent poisoning

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