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The practice of transforming mb+ into industrial ether in Xingang sintering plant

Abstract: This paper introduces in detail the practice of transforming mb+ into industrial ether in Xingang sintering plant. It is easy to loose due to the vibration during the experiment, and can be measured continuously. The transformation idea is deeply analyzed, and the details of its specific implementation process are explained one by one. This paper has a reference and guiding role for the transformation of MB + into ether

Keywords: mb+ Industrial Ethernet Untitled Document 1 Current situation analysis in order to adapt to the overall development, Xingang company has made a reasonable layout on the production site of the existing 115m2 sintering machine in the sintering plant and rebuilt a 180m2 sintering machine. Due to the process layout, the two sintering machines share a feeding system, that is, the batching system of the 115m2 sintering machine. The communication network of the newly built 180m2 sintering machine adopts industrial Ethernet based on tcp/ip. Its transmission medium is optical fiber, and the data transmission rate is high. However, the 115m2 sintering machine and its batching system, which was founded in 2000, adopts modibus plus (MB +) on the communication network. Its transmission medium is two core shielded twisted pair, and the data transmission rate is relatively low. However, the current process layout requires that the two sintering machines must share a feeding system, There must be a communication connection between them. The communication network of 115m2 sintering machine adopts a single structure, and its communication stability and Security closely depend on a single communication cable, which is insufficient in communication security. Of course, the two sintering machines have similarities in the following aspects: the PLC control module used by 115m2 sintering machine is from Modicon company, and so is 180m2 sintering machine; The upper programming software and monitoring software of the two sintering machines are both concept and iFIX, but the versions are different. Based on the above situation, we consider transforming the single architecture MB + of 115m2 sintering machine into a dual architecture Ethernet. From the main control room of 180m2 sintering machine to the main control room of batching system, and from the main control room of batching system to the main control room of 115m2 sintering machine, dual optical cables are used for communication

2. Transformation ideas through the above analysis, we have a relatively clear idea of the whole transformation project. The key to realize communication lies in the selection of communication module. After analyzing and comparing the tcp/ip network equipment provided by Schneider Electric, we finally decided to choose the Ethernet communication module with its model of 140 noe 711 x0 (100 base tx/fx) as the communication connection. Noe 771 x0 module has the following advantages. It provides RJ-45 twisted pair interface and MT-RJ optical fiber interface. It uses Ethernet communication mode, supports peer cop to define i/o data table, and supports Java and embedded web services to manage PLC hardware. Its connection mode is also very simple. It only needs to insert noe module into the free slot of the existing PLC cabinet backplane, and it supports hot plugging. After determining the type selection of communication module, our ideas are as follows. 1. First, lay optical cables from the 115m2 sintering machine main control room to the batching main control room, and then lay double optical cables from the batching main control room to the 180m2 sintering machine main control room. 2. Ask professionals to fuse the optical cable head with the optical transceiver. Connect the optical transceiver with the switch with twisted pair, and then transfer it from the switch to the NOE module with twisted pair. 3. Install the NOE module and the Ethernet card on the industrial computer, configure the IP of each noe module and each corresponding industrial computer Ethernet card, and connect the communication between them. 4. Change the configuration of the upper computer programming software and monitoring software in each industrial control computer to change its connection mode from MB + to tcp/ip. 5. Test and verify the whole communication network, change the errors and improve the functions. The schematic diagram of its network structure after the transformation is as follows:

3 First of all, we have made clear the selection of the following equipment. For the communication module, we choose Schneider noe 77100, and for the switch, we choose moxa industrial switch. Optical cable we choose multimode armored optical cable, optical transceiver is, card is d_ Link, twisted pair is amp super class 5 shielded wire. In terms of hardware installation, we should pay attention to that the angle of change of optical cable should not exceed 90 when it is laid.; Be careful when fusing optical fibers. The optical fiber box is best fixed with a cassette; When pressing the crystal head of twisted pair, pay attention to the line sequence of eight wires, and test their connectivity after pressing; When installing the card, pay attention to the good contact between the card and the computer slot. Because we want to install double cards on each computer, we should also pay attention to the allocation of card interrupt resources. The software configuration focuses on the allocation of IP address and the configuration of upper computer programming and monitoring software. Let's talk about the allocation of IP address first: for example, the IP allocation of the 115m2 sintering machine main control room of our plant can be set as follows: noe1 address:, noe2 address: zcfo has broken through the relevant key technology S1 operation station IP1 address:, IP2 address: zcfos2 operation station IP1 address:, IP2 address:, zcfos3 operation station IP1 address:, IP2 address: the IP setting of batching system can be analogized. It should be noted that the allocation of IP address must be in the same segment and unique, and its sub mask is Secondly, we configure the programming software and monitoring software of the upper computer. In order to enable our monitoring software iFIX to recognize the NOE communication module, we need to use the "NOTEPAD" program in the program attachment to open the "c:winntsystem32driversetci" file (note that "c:winnt" here should actually be the installation directory of the operating system). The hosts file stores the corresponding relationship between the IP address and the device name, We modify the hosts file according to the actual situation. As shown in the figure below, it is assumed that and are noe module a in the main control room of our 115m2 sintering machine. Sample data: provide the IP address of the sample data set by the user

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